Ruby Hoedown 2007

Conference Schedule

Presenter(s) Title Time
Marcel Molina, Jr.
Bruce Tate
Chad Fowler
Charity Workshop: Ruby and Rails Testing Techniques 9:00 am Aug 10
Ezra Zygmuntowicz Exploring Merb 1:30 pm Aug 10
Jay Phillips Next-Gen VoIP Development with Ruby and Adhearsion 3:00 pm Aug 10
Bruce Tate Keynote Address: The Journey 4:30 pm Aug 10
Andrea O.K. Wright Building Games with Ruby 8:30 am Aug 11
Various Authors Lightning Talks 10:00 am Aug 11
Ken Auer Does Ruby Have a Chasm to Cross? 1:00 pm Aug 11
Jared Richardson Using C to Tune Your Ruby (or Rails) Application 2:30 pm Aug 11
Marcel Molina, Jr. Keynote Address: What makes code beautiful? 4:00 pm Aug 11

Presenters retain full rights to the content of their presentations, and have released them under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.